Childbirth Preparation Course (Private Class)

"We like the practical lesson. The Childbirth Educator is really nice. She can give advice and share the experience with us. The overall service in Inspire Mum & Baby is good!"

Kristine Koh (23 weeks) and Raymond Yeong

"We like the practical lesson. The knowledge on the process of labour and steps on taking care of the baby is what I liked the most. The instructor helps me to feel comfortable. The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is good!"

Quek Hwee Pheng (8 months)

"The educator keeps the class simple and focus on the important areas such as the delivery process and more. With a informal style and lots of sharing of experience from the educator, it helps me to feel more comfortable. I am very happy with the service in Inspire Mum & Baby!"

Chong Ee Rong

"The intimacy, privacy and interaction was great! We also love the practical session where we learnt how to take care of our newborn. The educator was very nice and allowed us to voice out our questions throughout the session to ease my worries. The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is good!"

Irma Hadi Surya

"I like the total overview, especially the practical and the Q&A sessions. The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is very good!"


"I gain lots of knowledge, as well as real life experiences from the educator. Reassurance from the educator makes me feel more comfortable. The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is very good and practial!"

Ana Rivas

"I enjoyed the one-on-one session! It was relaxed, yet very clear from the the knowledgable educator. We gain lots of knowledge about birth plan, different options and many more. The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is EXCELLENT as always!"

Sarah Somerville

"I like the demos the best and especially watching my hubby doing the demo! The istructor is also very good in giving clear guidelines and instructions. The service at Inspire Mum & Baby is good!"

Siti Haslinda Jumat

"This course is very interesting, it is not boring at all even on the theory parts. I enjoyed doing the practical session such as different labour positions, baby bathing, etc. The instructor is very approachable and we feel relaxed; so the hours passed quickly. It is GOOD!"


Pre-Natal Massage

"The massage room is nice, the therapist and service is good."

Christine Tan, 4 months

"The massage is relaxing. I have finally gotten my back rested. The service is very good."

Sharifah, 5 months

"The massage is relaxing. The therapist makes me feel comfortable throughout the session. Helps me to ease my back pain. It was a pleasant experience."

Jun Lau, 5 months

"I like the back and leg massage. The Therapist makes me feel comfortable by reconfirming on the massage pressure. The service here is good!"

Gaya, 6 months

"I like the pre-natal massage and the service here. They really cater to your needs."

Angie Ho, 38 weeks

"The atmosphere is peaceful and comfortable. The pressure is focused on the place required and the therapist ensures I am in a comfortable position. It was a good experience."

Kris Ho, 4 months

"The massage is very soothing and relaxing. The Therapist uses the right strength and seek appropriate feedback on areas massaged. The Inspire's Team is very friendly and makes customers feel welcome and comfortable."

Chew Kum Yee, 22 weeks

"I like the overall massage. The Therapist places me in a very comfortable position. The service here is good!"

Penny, 6 months

"The pressure the therapist uses is just right and the technique is good. She is sensitive and responsive to the needs of the client. I felt very satisfied with the service in Inspire Mum & Baby."

June, 7months

"The therapist is very thoughtful and relieve my headache."  

May, 7months

"I like the leg massge the most. The therapist is friendly and have  very good skills. I like the overall service and it's good!"  

Janice Quek, 6months

 "The therapist is personal and friendly. I like the overall service and it's good!"  

Michelle Chan, 4months

 "The therapist is always checking whether if I am comfortable at all times, the massage was good and the massage cream used was perfect. I like the friendly and personalised service at InspireMum!"  

Lydia Yeo

"The therapist was nice and friendly, not only that, she would always check if I am doing fine throughout the massage, making me feels safe and comfortable. I like the overall service and it's good!"  


"The long one and half hour massage was very relaxing and enjoyable. The techniques used by the therapist was great.  The overall service at InspireMum it's good!"  



"A friendly therapist and good technique is the best service I got! The therapist is always concern on the pressure requires and whether if I am comfortable in the current position. It was EXCELLENT!"  


"Great technique and thoughtful therapist! She would constantly check if I am ok throughout the session. I am very satisified"  


"The therapist is very nice to constantly check where are the aching areas on my body as well as  concentrating on those areas more. She would also check on the strength she is is applying are at my comfort level. The service was good!


"I HAD A GREAT & FANTASTIC MASSAGE!! I will be back soon for more."



Pre-Natal Yoga

"The class is rather comfortable and we are more informed on the poses of yoga that help in our pregnancy. I like the sharing of knowledge and the experience gathered in being a mum."

Efon Cheong, 7 months

"It's very relaxing and useful to practise everyday. I feel much healthier and energised. The instructor explained each step very clearly."

Nicole, 18 weeks

"It's very interactive. I like the lessons and gathered useful tips. It's a good pre-natal exercise. The instructor is very patient in explaining all the exercises."

Tan Ling Cher, 6 months

"The place is very friendly and the class is very relaxing. The people here are very understanding and listen to your issues and helped me alot with my stress better. The instructor is very calm and talked me through all the poses and to correct them comfortably. The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is excellent!"

Avani Dalal, 4 months

"I loved the breathing exercises the most! It was very good!"

Noviana Darmadji

"It was a very useful, gentle and relaxing workout for first time mothers! The instructor was also very friendly and easy to talk to. The service provided was EXCELLENT!"

Alisha Nanwani

"The infomative and interactive instructor taught me lots of different stretches that I am not aware of, which helps me to furthur relax myself in my daily life. It was great!"

Gene Wan

"I loved the ambience of the studio room and after the gentle workout I felt strenghten and relaxed! Not only that, the instructor is friendly and takes times to do a proper instructions. The service in Inspire Mum & Baby was good!"

Tina Wahi

 "The calming and professional instructor taught me various relaxing and stretching that helps me to loosen up all the joints and stress. The service provided was very good!"

Jennifer Hewit

"The impact knowledge on breathing and importance of strengthening muscles nearer to my delivery was the best experience/knowledge gained. I enjoyed the interaction of the instructor guidance.The service in Inspire Mum & Baby was good!"

Joanne Low

"Learning the breathing and strectching exercise was useful as it helps me to keep fit during pregnancy and prepare me better for labour. The instructor conducts the class at a good pace and pays attention to each and every student to ensure that they are doing the right thing. I definitely felt a lot more relaxrd after a long day at work.The service in Inspire Mum & Baby was good!"

Grace Yeo

"The small class size and most importantly the physical and mental preparation for my upcoming birth was the best experience i gain.The service in Inspire Mum & Baby was very personal, warm and friendly feel!"


"The instructor is good and she brings in different variations for each class. It is very refreshing and at the end of the class, I feels relaxing and rejuvenating! The instructor is always open to feedback and would check on your condition at all times during class. The service at Inspire Mum & Baby is very good. All the staffs have been nice!"


"The best thing about the classes is you will definitely get individual attention! For instance, when you are not doing the poses correctly, the instructor would spot them and would assit you to correct them. It is a key importance for any pre natal workout. The instructor really helps me with some exercises which had reduceed my problem (Sciatica) alot. Apart from yoga, other tips on motherhood, breastfeeding, labour are being discussed in the class. The instructor is very good and she knows us by name so we feel very comfortable."


"Classes are designed to meet all needs of pregnant ladies - keeping healthy and fit, strengthen muscles and providing great breathing techniques, allows us to unite with our babies during lesson. During my pregnancy, the classes really helps me to fully relax my mind and strengthen.It also helps to meet new people and socialize. All instructors are always professional and open, ready to clear any doubt or questions one may have. The instructors definitely are the best! I have attended many other pre-natal classes in Singapore, however instructors at Inspire are indeed knowledgeable and professional (being attentive and thoughtful during exercise). The service is always great, very friendly and quick to attend."


"I like the fact that the instructors tries to prep us for delivery and I really workout in class. The instructor is nice to constantly check if we are ok and does not push us too much. It is good!"

Lay Lin

"I enjoyed the relaxation period just before the class ends the most; not forgetting the variety of classes as well. The instructor is very thoughtful as she made sure that I am not over stretching myself too much in any way.The service at Inspire is very satisfying!"


"I love the relaxation the most! The instructor has a soothing way of giving out instructions and it catered to specific needs of individual students accordingly to how far along each students is in her pregnancy. The service is good!"


"The class is very relaxing! I have a good stretch especially my back and lower tail area.The instructor provides a good explanation of moves and great strectches. The service is good!"

Li Ling

"I like the cosy setting which draw us working closer with the instructor. The instructor is very mindful for everyones wellness which is great. I enjoy the good workout!"


"I love the relaxing and stretching workout. The instructor is very nice as at time to time she would ask/check if we are comfortable in the class. The service at Inspire is good!"


"I like that even though we do the certain same exercises each class, but each class is still unqiue and different in its way. The instructor is very personable and she takes time to check how are we feeling from week to week!"


"It feels like I've had not just done a good workout, but also a very good stretch. Is a really good workout! The instructor is always making sure that I am doing the poses correctly; it's fantastic!"


"It is a very relaxing workout that focus on concentration and breathing. I enjoyed the relaxation after the good stretch!!"


"I like that the class has a lot of modifications to suit pregnant women of different stage; unlike others. The instructor provides clear step by step guidance and make sure that we are fine with every poses. The service at Inspire is good and personal!"


"I like the yoga classes as they are gentl for 3rd trimester. I like that we concentrate on breathing and relaxation which will help with labour as well as stretching the pelvis region. The breathing and gentle stretching is the best! The yoga instructor is good and very atuned to the different stages of the pregnant ladies as well as providing help to the mums."


"It is a good pace workout! Most importantly, the instructor is very attentive and cating. The service at Inspire Mum & Baby I."


Pre-Natal Pilates

"The feeling after the whole class makes me feel that I have done something useful. The fiendly and approachable staff and instructor makes my day too."

Lena Vargis

"The stretching workout was the best! Most importantly, the patience instructor is very attentive to our needs. It was EXCELLENT!"

Chrislyn Clack

"It's a very good workout as proper guidance was given clearly and the poses were connected to help us get a more effective stretch. All I could say is, I would like to have a longer duration of the class!"


"I enjoyed doing the diversity of exercises in the class. It was good!"


"I love the small class size and the relazing ambience. I also like the way that I feel both relaxed and energized after class! It definitely makes me want to keep coming back for more. Most importantly, I like how the instructor goes around the room to make sure that everyone is doing everything correctly - and I feel that she REALLY wants all the woman to benefit from the hour long class. Everyone at Inspire Mum & Baby always has a smile and is very welcoming! And with email follow-ups, it feels very structured and runs well. It definitely doesn't feel as if I'm just a number to them. Thanks for that!"


"I like the small class size, cozy  and intimate environment; and relaxing pace. The exercises helpe me to engage all the muscles and nerves on my back which was helpful as I'm already experiencing back pains; also not forgetting the ball exercises and relaxation at the end. It was good!"


"The workout helps me to exercise and build up my body prior to delivery. The instructor is very nice as she constantly check with all mums in the class that they are comfortable with the poses and postures. She would also helps us to correct whenever necessary. It's pretty good!"

Siok Har

"It is a proper workout for all pregnant mums - especially working on the core muscle. Inspire Mum & Baby have variety of pre natal classes for you to choose from in a week and you are allowed to join in any of them to enjoy different benefits from the class. The workout is done in a smooth pace suitable for pregnant mum and there are different levels for different stage of our pregnancy. It was good!"


"The calm enviroment and mild exercise helps me to fully relax. The instructor is also nice to talk and share different knowledge in class. Inspire Mum & Baby is very good and had a personal touch!"


"I love the relaxation the most! Caring instructors makes me feel very comfortable in class. The best experience I had is to learn lots of different exercise that I can do at home too. Everybody at Inspire are very friendly and kind and ensures that you feel comfortable during an exceptionally uncomfortable time!"


"I learnt lots of different techniques and exercises on working out the core muscles. Proper guidance is given clearly and she will also constantly check to ensure that everyone are comfortable with the poses or if we are doing correctly. Last but not least, you would also have the opportunity to communicate with other mums to be too. The service at Inspire Mum & Baby is EXCELLENT!"


"I enjoy doing the pilates exercises! It is very good!"


"The 10 minutes of relaxation was the besy! Not forgeting on the stretching exercise too. The instuctors is always nice to give out personal advice to help us. The service is good!"


"The easy to follow exercise and comfortable pace helps me to relax my body, muscles and oneself. The service is good!"

Sheryl Eng

"I like the small class size as well as the personal instructor whom will attend to your personal needs. It's GOOD!"


"I feel great after the class; especially my back. The instructor plays a part in giving out good guidance. The service at Inspire Mum & Baby is great!"


"I enjoy the muscular exercises. It makes me feel like I have had a good workout by the end of the class. The instructor is very nice as she will talk to us before the class begin to know more about our current condition and during the workout she will also constantly check on our posture/form, etc. The service at Inspire Mum & Baby is very good and personal!"


"I like the exercises in the class as it is tailored specially to pregnant woman! It helps me with all my aches and pains that I am experiencing. Especially since its my first pregnancy; and I do not know what to expect being pregnant.The size of the class is not too big which allows the instructor to go around the class correcting us if we are doing the exercise wrongly. The instructors are all friendly, encouraging and approachable; thus I can ask them any questions in regards to the pre natal workout or even ways to allivate any aches and pains that I am expecting. The service at Inspire is GOOD!"

Wei Wen

"I like the pre-natal yoga and pilates classes as it enable me to be more active towards the end of my pregnancy. Without the exercise, I don't think that I could be going about doing my regular day-to-day routine with as much ease (1 more week left till delivering)! The relaxation and motivation that I received from attending the pre-natal classes is the best experience enjoyed. The instructor is very attentive as she remember you by name and your approximate due date as well as allowing open discussion before or after the class. The service at Inspire Mum & Baby is FANTASTIC! Everyone always has a smile, and you feel very welcome."


"I like that the classes are kept small. The stretching exercise is really helpful - baby does not kick as much in class. I enjoyed the ability to relax and still able to feel my muscle even with a bump. It is good and I am satisfied!"


"I enjoyed doing the stretching and relaxation workout! The instructor is also very friendly and she gives good advice. The service at Inspire Mum & Baby is good."


Pre-Natal Fitball

"It provides an opportunity for me to do some light exercise without over exerting myself. I really enjoyed working out and strengthening of muscles in which helping me to prepare for labour. The instructor would promptly assists anyone who shows 'sign of distress' while working out. The service is GOOD!"


Hi Jasmine and Linda,

This is Elaine here, the one who always comes for pilates and fitball classes. :) Hope all has been good for you both.

I've finally delivered on the 27th Oct (3 weeks ago) to a little prince, Thaddeus. Healthy at 3.04kg. He was actually born 2 weeks early. Doc actually predicted that he will not be out soon but as i kept asking him to be out asap, and thus he decided to obey me instead! Ha Ha My water bag had burst first without any pain and contractions for the next 16 hours. So went i went to see the gynae (finally after the 16hours), she decided to admit me and induce labour. And my labour went on for another 18 hours (10 hours of painful contractions which came every 4 to 2 mins, and then finally the last 8 hours with epidural). Still had my natural birth (with the advice from doc to take epidural so that i can last to push). Well pushing was soooo fast even with epidural. And recovery till now has been fast and well on track. Thanks to all the pilates and fitball classes that have helped me with the building up of my core muscles.

I have attached some of my baby's photos for your viewing pleasure.

Once again, just want to thank you and Linda for bringing so much fun into my prenatal exercises, and i sincerely enjoyed the classes. I've never been so faithful in going for exercise classes till going to Inspire. And Linda, thank you for all the valuable information you had shared during classes and for looking after all the mummies! Till then, i'll see you guys again hopefully, in the other classes, with my baby!

Take care and God Bless,
Elaine Tan


Aqua Pregnancy

"Enjoying the weightless-ness and have a good relaxation at the same time! Not only that, doing more stretches without aching legs is possible too. The helpful instructor always ensure us that everything is safe, so we can fully relax in the water. The service at Inspire is GOOD!"


"Being able to do different exercises - the variety and their effectiveness. The exercises are extremely good as I feel better and slept well after it. The instructor's instructions are also good. She would always make sure that we have enough woggles each and would help us to relax as well as to ensure we were doing in the exercises correctly too. It is GOOD!"


Hatha Yoga

"I like the stretching and relaxation. The instructor is very calm and composed. The service is good!"

Cynthia Lee

"Having a patient instructor to guide us through the body workout and relaxation for the mind, make me feel real good after working out! I am pleased with the services at Inspire Mum & Baby."

Geenie Goh

Mummy & Daddy Pilates

"I enjoyed the muscle toning exercise the most! Most importantly, the small class size and encouraging instructor allows one to have more attention throughout the session. The service over at InspireMum is great!"

Sandy Low


Matwork Pilates

"The size of the class is reasonable which allows the friendly and helpful instructor to give enough attention to each of us. The instructor also understand each indivdual condition and gave appropriate advise to helpu us. The service is great!"

Jennifer Quah


"The beautician is very attentive and makes me feel very comfortable during the treatment."

Audrey Chong

Post-Natal Massage

"The pressure is good and the therapist has a warm personality."


 "I enjoyed the massage at the comfort of my home. The therapist did a combination of relaxing and therapeutic massage. The service provided is very welcoming and most of all their staffs are very friendly."


 "I like the wrapping service as well as the cold slimming cream. The therapist is also very friendly and attentive. I am very happy and enjoyed the service."


Bust Treatment

"I felt very comfortable and managed to see results quite fast. It's very good!"

Audrey Chong

Physio Cafe

"I like the general information about the pregnancy. I like the exercise demostration from the Physiotherapist. The service here is excellent!"

Fiona Lai

"Good overall review. She is friendly and responsive to questions in class. The service here is good and reassured."   

Chew Xiao Wei

"I learnt many things which I didn't even know. Its very good!"


 "I know more about how my body changes during pregnancy. The Physiotherapist has pointed out all the important points."


"I like the abdominal stability information and the pelvic exercise. The Physiotherapist is patient and explained very clearly. It's very good and the service is good!"

Poh Po Suan

"She is clear and gives simple explanations. It's very informal atmosphere and the whole experience is good."


 "We like the hands on demostration the most. Not only that, the instructor is very friendly and she clears most of my queries, making me feel more comfortable and at ease. The service provided in Inspire Mum & Baby is very good!"

Quek Hwee Pheng (8 months)


"The massage on my lower back and leg area was the best! With such a soothing environment and comfortable place for massage, it was real good!"



"The ambience and comfortable was very relaxing and calm. Not only that, the therapist concentrate on my problem area. It's good!"  



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