Inspire Baby Massage Workshop 10 May 2014

It was a very good experience and the trainer was skilled, personable and knowledgeable. She is able to provide insights based on her own experiences and gave a lot of advice on baby care topics beyond baby massage. 

The skills shared are practical and useful for babies and toddlers alike.

Overall my husband and I enjoyed and have benefitted from the course.


Ms Delia

InspireBaby/ Child First-aid Workshop 18 Jan 2014

The response from the helpers course on Saturday was very positive from everyone. My helper Jean came home and was very enthusiastic abou the course. She praised Sam the instructor - she said he put everyone at ease and made it fun but at the same time got the point across.

The material was relevant for the ladies so they could relate to it as all of them are after young children. I've also heard from some employers that their helpers learnt so much much and enjoyed the course. A big thumbs up!!

Babycare & Breastfeeding Private Workshop

"What I liked best about the class was the hands-on training on how to take care of new-borns, do's and don'ts"

"The best experience from the class was the hands-on which we got from bathing & changing cloths (for baby). It was a fun experience for both my spouse and myself. The instructor helped us feel comfortable by giving all the details & answering all queries".

"Overall, we feel Inspire provided excellent service!"


Infant Massage

"I love the private infant massage that I took from Inspire Mum & Baby recently. I have clear instructions and additional information from the classes. The instructor is chatty and very approachable. Excellent score! This is the 2nd course that I have taken from the company so far and I am very happy with the service! "


Yvonne Sim

"The instructor is very patient and helpful to all the doubts that i encountered. She gave an excellent explaination despite of repeated question asked." Course Attended: Private Babycare Workshop

Mom, Abigail Ng Tan, Baby Isabelle Tan. Age 6 weeks


 "Really enjoyed the class and learning about massage. The instructor is always happy, helpful and friendly. The whole course has been super, I had a lovely time. Thank you!"

Nicky Hargrave, with 5 months old son

"I love learning all the correct strokes for baby massage. The instructor is very open and friendly. It was all a lovely experience! Thank you!"

Dearbhla Walsh, with 4 weeks old son

"I love the baby doll! My baby's colic and bowel movement have improved. The instructor is very attentive and professional. I am very satisfied with the service in Inspire Mum & Baby"

Pearl Ng (Leia Ngow, 2-month old)

"My baby likes the back massage. The classes are very informative and explanation was good"

Selina Tay/ John Hwang (Thea, 3-month old)

"My daughter had a great time. This is such a good way of bonding and the instructor is very thorough and friendly. My baby now loves the massage!"

Hui Min, with 9-month old daughter

"Very interactive and relaxing. Fantastic way to enjoy the baby! The instructor was extremely encouraging and patient."

Cindy, with 9-month old daughter

"It has helped my son to relieve constipation. The whole experience is great!"

Deborah, with 2-month old son

"The massaging is great and my baby is able to interact more with others. The instructor is friendly and make the parents very relax. The size of the class is good."

Gek Khoon and Jui Tee (Jamie Tan, 5-month old)

"It's very relaxing and I gained some interesting knowledge of the massage techniques."

Serene, with 4-month old son 

"I like the songs that we sing when massaging. The instructor is very patient and very detailed."

Steffanie and Ronnie (Meagan, 6-month old) 

"The instructor is very accomodating and always smiling. She showed understanding even when our baby gets cranky. As we are rather ill-discipline in our massage routine, it will be nice to give us a simple assignment to perform before the next class starts. The Inspire Staff is personal, sincere, friendly and warmth."

Ruth and Gabriel (Caitlin, 1.5-month old) 

"The environment is very cosy and the instructor is nice and gentle. I learnt the methods to massage my baby and the growing stages of massage for baby. The instructor added in a very personal touch when conducting the classes. The overall service in Inspire Mum & Baby is really very good."

Perlyn Tan (Thaddeus Chua, 7 weeks old) 

"The baby enjoys herself all the time. The small class size is excellent for personal attention. I like the way the class is conducted and it's a good way to bond with my baby. The instructor loves what she is doing and it shows!"

Cheryl Low (Kaelyn, 2 months old) 

"I like the instructor very much. She has demonstrated her passion for her job. It's unfortunate my baby always sleep prior to the class. I personally likes the practical aspect. The overall service has been great!"

Zann Chua (Jaydern Neo, 1.5 months old) 

"I like the tummy massage. The best experience I have gotten is the aspect of being able to us the massage to bond with my baby and even my older son. The instructor is friendly and I like the overall service by Inspire Mum & Baby!"

Sharon Quek (Xylia Ong, 4 months old)

"I like the trainer's advise and the professional massage skills that I acquire. She helped us to feel destressed, relax and rewarding. The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is very good!!"

Pauline Sim (Mak Jia-en, 5 months old) 

"I like the small size and the learning of massage techniques. Oh, and the songs that we sing in the class. The instructor create a very personal atmosphere, talk to the baby and make the baby laugh. The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is good!!"

Monika and Bernd (Bastian, 5 months old) 

"I am happy able to mix with other babies and interact with the mums. The best experience is to be able to massage my baby during the class. The instructor is soft spoken and teach in a slower pace so that I can catch up. Overall, it's good and informative."

Sharron Tan (Ashton, 4 months old) 

"I like the small group size, clear instructions and the dolls for the mums to practise on. I am happy being able to massage my baby on the spot. The instructor is tolerant to fussy babies and did not pressure the parents. The class was conducted in an easy pace. Service in Inspire Mum & Baby is very good!"

Angela Yong (Claudia, 3.5 months old)

"I like the small size and nice studio for the class. The best experience is to learn about essential oils and how to improvise the massage for toddlers. The instructor is very friendly and always answer all our queries. Very good and friendly service here!"

June Whey (Gianna, 1.5 months old)

"We like the nice environment, soft lighting and music. The best experience is when the baby is receptive of the massage. The instructor is very friendly. The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is good."

Agnes & Mark (Joshua, 4 months old)

"I like the very personalised service here. They are also very accommodative to my busy schedule. The class is great with relaxing and soothing music. The instructor is very friendly and willing to share information. Excellent service!"

Suharni Bair (Faiz, 3 months old)

"I like the small group size, personal attention and music. The explanation on all the different strokes is good and the instructor makes me feel very comfortable with the singing, talking and playing. She is very professional!"

Sandra (Mik, 8 months old)

"I like the massage for colic and the practical hands-on. The instructor is very clear and precise on her explanation. It's very good!"

Tricia Chong, (Nathan, 3 months old)

 "My baby loves the back massage the most. The instructor is very nice to let us play around and follow the steps at our own pace. Most of all, the practical hands-on and different stretching method are very useful. It's very good!"

Geenie, (Kaden, 3 months old)


 "The atmosphere and music played is a complete balance to learn massage. It really helps to comfort my baby. The overall service is good!"

Jannie, (Olivia, 7 weeks old)

"I like the small class size and the instructor is very helpful with my questions. My baby reacts to the soothing voice of the instructor and she enjoys it a lot. It's very good!"

Mindy Tan, (Sophie, 6 months old)

"With a calm and friendly instructor, I gained different knowledge on massage and various stretching techniques for my twins. My babies really enjoyed the massage and it really helps them to relieve and ease their pains!"

Alexa, (Niels & Emile, 8 months old)

"The soothing music and warmth lightings make the practical session so much enjoyable for me and my baby. The instructor is helpful throughout the session in assisting me to correct my massage techniques on my baby! The service here is good!"

Rachel, (Leroy, 4 months old)


"The instructor is very patient in explaining the details with us. Not only that, she speaks gently and is always smiling with my baby, making more contented to be massage. The service here is good!"

Wong Chock Fang, (Evan, 8 months old)

"I like the informal setting and comfortable learning experienced the most. I had gain lots of knowledge on the interaction with the baby and the instructor would also advice an alternative pose/position when my baby is not cooperative. With great friendly and helpful staff, it was EXCELLENT!"

Charlynn Ong, (Ana Ning, 8 months old)

"I gain lots of experience on how to massage my baby. Not only that, the instructor also taught me how to communicate with my child in a interactive positive language. It was good!"

Gail Anthony, (Ana Ning, 8 months old)

"I enjoyed the bonding with my baby. Most importantly, my baby enjoys the massage too. The instructor created a relax environment and also gives out clear instructions. It was good!"

Siew Pan, (Baby Shi Yin)

"I gain lots of new knowledge. The instructor is very gentle and she gives out good encouragement to motivate me. The service at Inspire Mum & Baby is efficient and friendly."

Vanessa, (Baby Viven)


Kids Yoga

"Jeron will always try out the poses at home and he enjoyed the yoga class very much. He is more enthusiatic than before"
Ms Jena Kweh (Jeron, 4+)
"My kid loves the classes. He is able to memorise the poses after the 3rd or 4th lessons."
Madam Janice Lye (Terris, 4)
"My son is very happy and enjoyed the yoga very much. He learnt alot and always want to revise with me at home. He can really memorise the poses!"
Madam Lim Soo Jee (Jordan, 5+)
"The Kids like it very much."
Ms Cindy Tay (Yi Hang, 8 & Yu Heng, 6)



"Kids yoga helps my child to calm his mind. He enjoys learning as well as doing different difficult poses. Most importantly, the instructor is kind and helpful. Last but not least, Inspire provides personalised services and they are very friendly oriented."
Margaret Seah (Tay Yu Jie, 10)
"The kids are happy every time when they came back from class. Hope to see more self-control in them gradually from the class"
Ms Jasmine Ng (Jeen Kye, 5 & Joon Herng, 8) 
"Teachers and staff are friendly and helpful. The instructor is very enthusiatic in what she does and very generous in sharing her knowledge and demo on yoga. I'm impressed that the instructor always encourage my child to be independent and go beyond what he can do. The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is very good."
Ms Kelly Chong (Chew Yu Xuan, 6) 
"Lessons were conducted in an innovative manner and my child felt comfortable with the instructor. The instructor conducts the lessons in a personalised manner. The service at Inspire is very good!"
Margaret (Yu Jie, 11)
"The music and various stretching exercises helps to improve my child flexibility.The instructor is nice as she gives encouragement; including verbal assurances, holding the child's hand, etc. Ther service at Inspire is good!!"
Admanda (Darren, 6 & Heng Rui, 3)
Yoga Camp
"This is the first time my kids are doing yoga. It's a new experience, very interactive and relaxing for the kids. They really enjoy it very much!"
Mrs Ong (Zachary, 9 & Chloe, 6)
"Jeevna loves the the class work and painting"
Mrs Jasmeet Kaur (Jeevna, 4)
"He really enjoyed himself doing the yoga poses and relaxation part! "
Ms Amy Chan(Elgin, 5)
"Celest loves the T-shirt painting session the most and she looks forward to going the next day! Not only that, the instructor had done a great job to make her feel comfortable in the class."
Ms Irene Cheng (Celest, 7)
Infant & Child First Aid/ CPR Course
"We love the Instructors and the CPR section. The CPR knowledge is really an experience. Best of all, the instructor is very accommodating to our need to breastfeed and diaper-change our baby. Inspire Mum & Baby really have excellent staff and snacks!"
Mr Gabriel Chan
"I like the informal setting of the class and the knowledge of first aid and the importance of CPR. The instructor used his personal experiences and very jovial. The staff was slow to assist at first but very helpful after lunch"
Mrs Shaza
"I liked the small size and the trainer was good. He is an excellent communicator. Preferably a longer period for the class will be good. I have gotten a good knowledge of basic first aid. The service in Inspire is really good. They even helped me to babysit my infant."
Ms Ruth Soh
"The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is really good. The place is nice and cosy."
Ms Elaine Chow
"The class is concise and I like the hands-on practice. The Trainer is excellent! He is easy-going and have a sense of humour."
Ms Angela Yong
"I like the practicality and it's relevant to everyday needs. I have an increased awareness of CPR."
Mr. Lyle Codeiro
"The practical sessions were very useful. I am more confident about CPR. The trainer is nice. He made jokes and talked about real life experiences. The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is good."
Ms. Deborah Yong
"A good introduction course with practical learning. Would be good to have more practice for CPR. Instructor was very good at presenting information in an interesting and exciting way. I like the overall service in Inspire Mum & Baby." 
Mr. Matt Vaccarella
"The course is quite useful and the service is good."
Ms. Jeanie
"It's such a relaxed environment, enough time to absorb and practice. But the chairs are not very comfortable to sit for a long time. I felt more confidence in doing CPR, understanding conditions when first aid needed. The instructor is confident, know his stuff and encouraged participation. The service is good!" 
Ms. Sharon Ho
"The Teacher is very professional, experienced and clear in the instruction. I learned alot and found the class very interesting. The service is very good!"
Ms. Sabrina Cencioni
"The class is very funny! It's enjoyable" 
Ms. Grace Tenn
"The instructor cracks alot of jokes. He is very good"
Ms. Emily
"I like the practical. The class is very good and the service is really good!"
Madam Ngoh
"I learnt the right way of giving first aid. It's really good!"
Ms. Norly Sapla
"I like the practical and the theory part."
Ms. Siti Margunaut
"I like the practical and the instructor can answer all the questions. The service is excellent!"
Ms. Lim Chew Lee
"I like best about the class is to get familiar with first aid and how to help an infant and child. The knowledge on CPR is great and the instructor answered all my questions in a very comprehensive way. The service here is good!"
Ms. Alexa Croly
"I like the hands-on sessions. The instructor is very encouraging throughout the session. Inspire really makes me feel very welcome!"
Ms. Lim Siew Huan
"I like the practical aspects. It's very interactive and comments are welcomed. Maybe can include more children and infant scenarios. The service is excellent!"
Ms. Sara Pereira
"I like the small class size and the practical hands-on. The instructor gaves us lots of reassurance. I'ts very good!"
Ms. Chong Mi San
"I like the small class size. The instructor answers all our questions in regards to the first aid topics. Good and friendly service!"
Mr. Seeto Yih Chieh
"The related real life experience given by the instructor helps me to learn more practical skills that is very useful for real life accidents. The instructor is also very friendly and his sense of humors make the class an enjoyable one. "
Ms. Lee Yi Xia
"The friendly instructor makes the practical session very interesting. I am extremely satisfied with Inspire Mum & Baby service. "
Mr. Ivan Wong
"I like the small class size. The instructor is well trained and qualified. Hearing myths from a trained instructor prepared me to be ready for real life accident. The service provided by Inspire Mum & Baby is good and professional. "
Mr. Ho Lian Heng Kevin
"I didn't realise the time was flying! The instructor is very friendly and he answered all every queries that I have. It gives me a satisfaction that I can help someone in need one day. I am very satisfied! "
Ms. Chantal
"I like the small class size. The practical and hands on covers both infants, child and adult. Most of all, the sharing of real life experience from the instructor let me have more idea on first aid. The overall service is excellent! "
Ms. Tong Jun Lin
"I gained a lot of knowledge from the detail pratical hands-on. The instructor helps me out with the doubts and questions I have. The service provided is very good! "
Ms. Mindy Tan Hwei Min
"The class is very interesting! Not only that, the instructor share most of his knowledge gained from his real life experience. The topics catches my attention and keep me interests to know more. It's good!"
Ms. Esther Tan 
"I like the demostration the most! The instructor is very thoughtful as he would constantly check if I understand the topics or am I able to follow up his pace. I gained lots of new learning and it's great!"
Ms. Jun Lau 
"It is a lively session where I learnt a lot of practical experience from the instructor on how to react to any emergencies. The service is good!"
Ms. Sng Puay Leng 
"I enjoyed the practical lesson about first aid course, especially the CPR. With a engaging and funny instructor, it makes the whole lesson so good!"
Ms. Goh Siok Ai
" The instructor helps me a lot to improve my knowledge on first aid during emergencies, such as, infants chocking, CPR and more."
Ms. Irene Landero
" The instructor is patience and taught me on how to ease my tension when it comes to first aid. I gained lots of knowledge on giving basic first aid to needy. I have more confidence in myself and I am really satisfy!"
Ms. Hazel A.Juatchon
"I learnt a lot about first aid and it helps me be prepared for any emergencies. The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is excellent!"
Ms. Rea R.Agao 
"I like the atmosphere and the experience trainer that makes me feel contented throughout the course. The service in Inspire is FANTASTIC! Thank you for looking after Isabella!"
Nathalie Boyero  
Dear Staff,
Thank you for the great First Aid class which I attended today. I was certainly very informative and the trainer was fanstastic. Entertaining and able to answer all our questions knowledgeably. His background as an ex-paramedic also certainly gave us a lot of confidence in his advise and instructions.
I would particularly like to thank the staff for helping me babysit my son during the class periodically. I wasn't able to find last-minute help and almost could not attend but Jasmine was kind enough to offer to babysit if should need help. In the end, he was quite good but having her help was certainly great.
I would definitely recommend your classes to all my friends who are mums.
Best regards,
Adelene Lynch  
"First Aid course is simple to understand yet comprehensive as the instuctor provides everyday first aid solutions regardless during the practical or therory sessions. Most importantly, the instuctor makes the day simple and lively. The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is good!"
Karen Ko
"The instuctor is very nice to share his experience and relates it to everyday situation which helps me to visualise better. The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is good!"
Rachel Ang
"It's a very hands on course, examples explained during practical/theory are related to daily possible occurence. On top of that, the instructor is very lively and he shared lots of relevants facts that helps me to understand more about first aid. The service is good!"
Ling Loo Ping
"I like the hands on practice the most. Not only that, the instructor is responsive to any Q&A at any point of time and he is also nice to share his experience. The service is good!"
Patricia Lua
"The course is very interesting and I gained lots of knowledge on how to rescue or help victims. This makes me feel more confident in my daily work. The service is good!"
Judith G. Senopera
"I like the informal approach and interactions (hands on experience of bandaging,etc) of the class the most! The instructor is very informative and friendly too. The service is good!"
Annika Talbott 
"Getting to know more about First Aid and the possible daily occurence makes me more secure and confident on my daily work. The service is FANTASTIC!"
Melvira Sabong 
"Learning more about first aid make me feel comfortable as I gained lots of safety tips and practical hands on from the infomative and friendly instructor. The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is great!"
Joelyn Lagdamen
"This course is very informative and the hands-on experience was great. The instructor is very well-informed and humorous. The service in Inspire Mum & Baby was Execellent!"
Angela Yong
"I liked the practical session the most. The service in Inspire Mum & Baby was Execellent!"
Julie Yeo
"The whole course was very good. There was lots of hands-on practice and the profession instructor answered all our questions very clearly. It was great!"
Alison & David
"The private first aid course was a great one-to-one experience which was customized to my needs. The knowledge and practice gained during the time spent was perfect under the jovial nature of the instructor.The service from Inspire Mum & Baby was EXCELLENT!"
Herwani Ahmat
"I love the practical session and good examples of daily life the most! Both the staff and instructor for the class was very good!"
Flavia Breu
"The funny trainer was EXCELLENT and was able to convert daily life example into something very interesting. The service at Inspire was good!"
"The polite instructor helps me to get know more about first aid. After the class, I felt that I gain lots of knowledge and experience. Everything was great!"
Faizah Nur Kholis
"With a lively presentation and fun, the instructor created a very interesting and interactive course. Not only that, I get to try out the hands-on. It's very good!"
Adeline Wong
"I love the practical session and good examples of daily life the most! Both the staff and instructor for the class was very good!"
Anabel Serna
"I gained lots of knowledge on first aid and not only that the instructor is also very nice as he would keep checking onm us if we understand the topics! It's was great!"
Donna Lyn Rudio
"I get to know more about on how to help and how to do the first aid. The instructor explains and shows us clearly on how to do it too. The service at Inspire was great!"
Helen Doral
"I get to learn lots of first aid knowledge and the real practices! The instructor would ensure you with the great knowledge and makes you feel confident when we are doing the practices. It was EXCELLENT!"
Ling Yng Yng
"The first aid course is very practial and there are lots of hands-on practice too! Thanks to the fun and humor brought by the instructor making the whole course an enjoyable one. The service is good!"
Christina Tan
"I love the CPR session the most. Having a instructor whom had lots of experience to share and patience in doing all hands-on practice, is the main key element of the course. It was great!"
Annie Zhou
"We get all the attention we needed from the instructor as the class size was reasonable! With a friendly and interactive instructor, I enjoyed the class a lot and as well as gaining lots of new knowledge too. GOOD!! "
Yvette Low & Siau Ming Sing
"I love the hands-on sessions the most! My best experience would defintely be the hands-on for CPR! The casual tone of teaching makes the class even more enjoyable. It was good!"
Hazel Soon
"The great sense of humor from the instructor makes the class very interactive. Learning more about CPR, recovery position, choking and many more was EXTREMELY HELPFUL! The service at Inspire Mum & Baby was very good! "
Danielle Thompson
"I gain lots of knowledge through the practical and real-life experiences from the truthful and sincere instructor. Thanks for sharing so generously! "
"How to deal about fractures and CPR was the best about the class. Other topics as essential in daily life too. The service at Inspire Mum & Baby was very good!! "
"Hand-on was the best part in the class! Thanks for the friendly instructor I feel comfortable in class. It was good! "
Melissa Shepherdson
"Learning about the DRABC and how to apply it to both adult and infant situations was the best experience I gain in the class. The down-to-earth, friendly, funny and animated instructor make the whole class a enjoyable one. It was good! "
Russel Hans Shepherdson
"Gaining knowledge on how to help a child in a different circumstances in a very unformal manner as was the best experience in the class. The overall service at Inspire Mum & Baby was valuable! "
Merle Shepherdson
"The practical lesson and special codes such as DRABC and RICE was the best experience I gain from the class. The overall service at Inspire Mum & Baby was good! "
Grethel Shepherdson
"Learning a good overview of all emergencies appliced to infant/child in a relaxed and informal manner was the best experience I had. The service at Inspire Mum & Baby was good on always! "
Sarah Somerville
"Learning a comprehensive and practial course that was well structured not only for babies/infants as well as a adult, was fun and enjoyable! It was good!"
Greg Somerville
"I enjoyed the hands-on experience on CPR and choking the most! It was good!"
Ruth Li
"I have gain lots of knowledge on first aid. All thanks to the patience instructor! It was excellent and inspiring!"
"Great hands-on practice on different rescuing techniques and first aiding! It was great and I felt that Inspire understands our needs and concerns as a MUM!"
Elaine Pang
"I enjoyed the role-played session on bandaging! The hand-on practical was whole lots of fun. It was good!"
Jane Lim
"The best experience I had was to experience and perform the CPR. The instructor are also kind in sharing their knowledge at all times. It was great and inspiring!"
"My best experience is on choking and CPR for infants and adults. The instructor also pass out extra information based on her experience at work. It was comfortable and tailored for mothers and pregnant mums too!"
Winnie See
"A good class size and hands-on training! It's good!"
Jacqueline Loh
"It is an interesting and informative class! My best experience is on the practical on the correct system/sequence of CPR. The service at Inspire Mum & Baby is fantastic!"
"I enjoy doing the hands-on practical lesson which is conducted during the second part of the program as each participant take turns to "role-play" so as to put what has been taught to practise. The instructor adopted an approachable and friendly style in conducting lesson which makes me feel very comfortable. It's good!"
Brenda Kok
"I enjoy doing the CPR practical with the help of the patience and friendly instructor which makes it even fun. It's good!"
Xin Ying

"I gain lots of knowledge on first aid. The instructor is nice to assist and teach us one-by-one and also providing good advice. The service at Inspire Mum & Baby is very good!"
Chun Xiu
"CPR is real fun and interesting. The instructor is very nice and patience at all time, I couldn't find anytime that I feel uncomfortable. She is really good with what she is doing and teaching. The service at Inspire Mum & Baby is EXCELLENT!"
Kelly Tay
"I like the good mix of hands-on practice and theory. The instructor attend promptly to our needs and questions. She also ensures that each one of us really knows our step for the CPR. The service at Inspire Mum & Baby is good!"
Yin Din
"I like the practicum (doing and practising for CPR). The demostration was clear and the instructor would correct each individual and explain on what is right and wrong. The instructor was more like a friend that I just know and that makes me feel comfortable in the class. The service at Inspire Mum & Baby is good!"
Tian Beng
"I like how casual the class is; yet informative. My best experience is learning about the wrist and ankle wrap as well as the 30 chest compressions - I had no idea it had change from 15 years ago! Good to know! The instructor give us plenty of time to practice and make sure we remember. The service was alway great!"
"I enjoyed the CPR practice with thanks to the good and friendly instructor. It's good!"
"The details and practice are good! The service is good!"
"I enjoyed the hands on CPR and practical sessions. It's good!"
"I enjoyed the hands-on practice, like CPR. The instructor is alway very engagin. It was GOOD!"
Poo Li
"I gain lots of knowledge, such as doing the CPR for adult and baby. The instructor is great. The service was GREAT too!"
"My best experince would be on the stimulated practical. I learnt on how to handle a baby when they got a choke to how to deal with a unconcious adult/baby. The instructor is nice and friendly. It is good and excellent!"
"The clear demonstration and explanation (regardless is CPR hands-on or chocking, etc) was the best. The instructor is very friendly and knowledgeable. She is also sharp in noticing mistakes to guide me along. I am very happy with the service as attending classes here is very homely and personalised."
"The hands on practice was the best! The class is also conducted in a relax manner. It is GOOD!"
Ai Kun
"The practical teaching on CPR was great. The instructor is very friendly and is also open to questions and answers. The service at Inspire Mum & Baby is GREAT!"
Kuan Yan
Fun Kids Camp
"I like it and it's a fun filled day for me. I like the experience of making new friends and playing games. The teachers treated me equal with the other kids. I felt great!"
Adam Chern (9 yrs old)
"My kids like the part of learning massage, decorating T-shirts and Pilates. I liked the part that they put their skills of massaging onto mummy and daddy. The games and story telling let my kids feel very comfortable. THe services in Inspire Mum & Baby is friendly and warm."
Catherine Teo (Jacqueline, 8yrs old & Samatha,6 yrs old)
"The camp is really fun and I enjoyed very much!"
Chua Yu Heng (7 yrs old)
"It was fun and they really enjoyed very much. They made many new friends and wanted to attend the next holiday camp with Inspire Mum & Baby!"
Sean/ Ron
"She likes it and its fun! She want to attend the next coming camp!"
Xing Fen (6 yrs old)


Child Massage

"I like the skills learnt. The instructor has a very calm voice and she's good."

Cindy (Kong Boon, 8yrs old)

"My child likes the armpit massage. I like the tips on the massage given and the instructor makes my child feels comfortable by talking and explaining the steps."

Mrs. Choong (Tiffany, 5yrs old)

Babycare & Breastfeeding Workshop

"I like the learning of bathing the baby and the instructor is very good and personal. It's good!" 
Mrs. Ngoh
"I like the knowledge of bathing and holding the baby. The instructor explains very carefully. The staff in Inspire Mum & Baby is great! They make the extra effort to confirm the class with me." 
Mr. Eric See
"The class is very thorough and informative. I like the hands-on experience. The instructor is very patient and hands-on."
Ms. Cheong Seok Wah
"The lecturer is friendly and we have lots of hands-on. She trys her best to guide me along. I like the experience of changing the real baby's diaper! The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is great!"
Ms. Shann Lim
"The sessions was well paced out with interactive real life practical. I gained a lot of knowledge from the hands on experience on how to hold, bathe, change nappies of baby. The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is very good!"
Ms. Gitanjah Ramesh
"The session is well balance out on theory and interactive practicals. I enjoyed the live changing of nappy the most. The instructor is friendly and patience to answers all our questions. The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is great!"
Ms. Andrea and Mr. Alvin
"Learning the techniques on how to bathe and change the nappy for the baby, make me much more confidence and prepared for my future. The kindness in Inspire Mum & Baby touches my heart!"
Ms. Shinobu
"I like the full and detail explaination and most importantly the hands on practice provided by the instructor own baby. The instructor is also very nice in sharing with us on her own experience. The service in Inspire Mum & Baby was great!"
Sylvia Ng
"The extensive coverage on the daily babycare and hands on make me feel more confident with my newborn. The overall service was good!"
Sandy Umboh

"The jovial way of teaching and physical practice provided by the instructor makes the learning on how to take care a newborn a fun one. The overall service was good!"

Elicia Chia

"I enjoyed the practical session the most! Not only that, the instructor is very nice to share with us her own experience(breatfeeding). The service at InspireMum was good!"


"I gained lots of knowledge from the Q&A interaction thoughout the whole session! The instructor is very encouragable and took time to share with us her own experience on breatfeeding. It was good!"

Ong Li Pei

Mummy & Baby Pilates

"I like learning/exercising with my baby of different poses. Most importantly, my baby enjoys going to the class as he gets a chance to interact with other adorable babies. Not only that, the instructor is very understanding and she is also good at tailoring the class. Inspire Mum & Baby service is super!" 
Grace La (Baby William)
"I gain lots of to exercise tips, for instance, how to exercise with my baby even when she is asleep. The instructor is very patient and friendly. Its excellent!" 
Angelina (Baby Diana)
"It is a lovely, friendly atmosphere which allows both mum and baby to relax. Most importantly, see my baby enjoying the workout and meeting other mums makes my day. Inspire is an excellent resource for my neighbourhood. I have loved being a part of this and shall miss the contact with Linda & Jasmine!" 
Claire Master (Baby Oliver)
"I like the interaction between the parents and babies as well as the mother and baby workout. The instructor is very nice as she allows us to carry on with the class even when my baby is cranky, not only that, to be able to breastfeed my baby as and when required was wonderful. The overall service is good!" 
Jamie Lian (Baby Denise)
"The instructor is very attentive and she alway encourage us throughtout the class. I have learnt lots of different movements and exercises that I can do with my baby. I am very happy with the service at Inspire Mum & Baby!" 
Nicole (Baby Adanna)
"I enjoyed doing the swinging exercise with my baby and he loves it too! The instructor is very patient with all the babies in the class and she always give us motivation. It's good! " 
Eva (Baby Bruce)
"With the the help from the kind and knowledgable instructor, I learn lots of different song, exercises (swinging, legs massage). After class, I always feel that I am in a good body and mind condition. It was great!" 
Violeta Arai (Baby Alicia)
"All the exercises done in the class was interesting for all the babies. I feel that it is a good way to communicate with your baby and at a meantime doing a good workout. The service at InspireMum was very good!" 
Eva (Baby Aisha)
"The baby strectches was the best! Not only that, the instructor takes her time to answer all the questions that the parents have in mind and she alway bring the interaction from all the mums making the class even better! It was great!" 
Petra (Baby Niklas)
"Lots of songs and variation of exercises that can be done at home or to help baby developement was the best experience and knowledge gain throughout the course. Most importantly, the instructor would observe the baby development and offer tips that would ease our problems in daily life. It was very good!" 
Christa (Baby Gillian)
"I learn new tricks that I can play with my baby and I also had a good workout at the same time. The teacher is friendly and very experience and most importantly she remembers my baby name and had good eye contact with my baby, My baby enjoys watching her teach. I like the personal touch. It does not feels as commercialized as the other centres." 
Ashley (Baby Issac)
"My child likes the activities and songs used in class and I got to learn lots of exercises that I can do with my baby. The instructor is very nice; she would take note whether my child is cranky/tired and adjust the exercises when necessary (same applies for the rest in the class). GREAT instructors and support from staff! " 
Yi San (Baby Clarence)
"The like the interaction and bonding between me and my baby. I enjoyed doing the workout too! The instructor is GREAT - the class is efficient and interactive. She also understands the diffculty of having the pilates with young baby while helping mummy utilise the 1 hour for workout. I am happy with the class. The service at Inspire is good and professional!" 
Betty (Baby Belvedene)
"My son is happy during the class, so I think he enjoys himself. For myself, I like that the class size is small and the attention given is more focused. The exercises are also easy to replicate at home. The best experience is seeing my son laugh because he thinks the exercises are funny. I also like the fact that sing along songs are used during the exercises. The service is good, and makes me feel welcomed!" 
Jasmine (Baby Kester)
"I like the small group size; the instructor too! I like the butterfly exercise with 'if your happy..' song. The staff at Inspire are friendly and kind."
Maiko (Baby Kai)


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