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Adult-led VS Child-led Teaching Approach

At Inspire Mum & Baby, our classes include plenty of play, imagination, songs and toys! How do these help babies and toddlers learn about water safety and swimming, you may ask. Is this all just child’s play?

Well, yes! It is child’s play. When children (and adults, for that matter) play, they explore and discover about their environment, their abilities, their curiosities and they go further. Child-led learning includes letting child’s play lead the way, and that’s also the Inspire Mum & Baby way.

How can child-led learning and play help children learn in the water? Let us count the ways…

When children have fun (and feel safe) in the water, they develop positive memories of being in the water and eventually, of swimming. Being able to connect emotionally with parents/guardians/caregivers in the water also form parts of the positive memories, helping children establish a love for swimming that will take them into their later years. When children feel good and confident while leading their play, they are open to and encouraged to learn new things. That makes picking new skills easier and faster!

Some children learn best through kinaesthetic learning. They have to experience and explore physically, rather than to be only told or only shown. Play always involves the kinaesthetic experience so what better way, but to play!

Play schemas are repetitive behaviour that children do, quite instinctively, which help them gain skills, practice skills and achieve new learning.

There you have it! Interested in giving your child a safe and child-led learning environment with play as an approach? Get in touch with us!

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