Being touched and caressed,
Being massaged, is food for the infant.
Food as necessary as minerals,
Vitamins, and proteins.

- Dr. Frederick Leboyer


Learn the art of baby massage and enhance your relationship with your baby. Baby massage possesses several health benefits such as improving blood circulation, relieving teething pains and colic, promotes sleep and boosting the baby’s immune system. It also boosts parent-infant relationship, enabling you to connect on a deeper level with your baby, and helps to reduce the risk of postnatal depression and stress.

The workshop comes with notes for you to learn the scope of the techniques and understand the other aspect of creating the environment, massage oil information, baby’s behavioral state, milestones and adaptation of the massage stroke for different ages.


  • Promotes bonding (Increase in parent-infant relationship)
  • Relaxation for parents and baby (stimulates the production of oxytoxin)
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Boosts immune system

  • Relieves teething pains and colic
  • Helps in digestion and ease constipation
  • Increase in confidence and self-esteem (Babies will feel secured with constant touch and love)
  • Helps in post-natal depression and relieves parent’s stress


  • Students are recommended to bring their waterproof mats for hygiene purposes and to bring babies’ favourite toys.
  • Classes are subject to changes. Please check with our service staff for confirmation. Certain courses require a minimum number before commencement.

  • Classes that fall on Public Holidays will be postponed to the following date.
  • Please come 15mins before the class starts.


20 Minutes



1.5 Hrs


Private (Home Visit)