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Aqua Babies provides a fun learning for babies in the swimming class to safely explore , learn and play , with gentle support by parents .


Aqua Pregnancy is a great maternity workout that prioritises the lengthening of the lower back , balancing of the pelvic ligaments and releases tension


Prenatal Yoga is beneficial to both the mind and body , reducing pregnancy discomforts , building strength and flexibility while learning breathing

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Aqua Pregnancy, Yoga & Pilates
Watsu® & Myofascial Release Therapy
Hypnobirthing & Antenatal Workshop
Birth Doula, Movement & Consultation


Yoga, Pilates & Aqua Fitness
Postpartum Doula & Support
Watsu® Aqua & Diastasis Recti Therapy
Myofascial Release
Postpartum Baby Care Workshops
(Breastfeeding & Baby Care)

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Aqua Infant & Kids Swimming (Omths - 7yrs)
STA International Swimming Certificate
Watsu®, Myofascial Release & Movement Therapy
Baby/Kids Yoga & Pilates
First Aid, CPR, Baby Massage & Water Safety Course



Cardiolates®. Stretch & Strengthen Yoga
HIIT Pilates, Aqua Yoga & Fitness
Watsu® & Myofascial Release
Postpartum Care (Breast & Bottle Feeding)
Female & Helper's Swimming Course

Baby Swimming Classes SG

Aqua Babies (6-12 Months)

Aqua Babies Level 1, you get to watch your baby grow up in the water! Between the ages of 6m – 12m, babies are developing very quickly into little toddlers – Aqua Babies accompanies their growth by providing them ample opportunities to safely explore and play, with gentle support by parents. Through this play-based and child-led approach, babies get more comfortable in various positions in the water, and pick up safety skills along the way. As babies gain independence over the course of the class, flotation devices are introduced, allowing older babies more freedom to explore with parents’ support. When babies are fully comfortable with supported gliding underwater, babies and parents move on to Aqua Babies Level 2.

Aqua Babies Level 2 is for babies who are already comfortable with and enjoy gliding underwater. The progression of the swimming class is informed by babies’ curiosities – about what they can do in the water, and what they can do with their parents in the water. More explorations underwater (and deeper too!) are possible in Level 2, with toys and props to add to the fun! The use of songs and rhymes continue to set the mood for dynamic and imaginative play in the water. Parents support babies by being their springboard and safe place.

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Singapore Prenatal Classes

Aqua Pregnancy

Aqua Pregnancy is a great maternity workout that prioritizes the lengthening of the lower back, promoting gentle movements, balancing of the pelvic ligaments and releasing of muscular tension. Not only does it promote balance, deep breathing and relaxation for your body, with less weight bearing burden on the joints, spine or pelvic joints, you will also learn to gain control of your pelvic floor muscles to facilitate your brith.

Aqua pregnancy exercises comprise of rolling and looping hip movements, which help to open the hips and strengthen knee and ankle joints, all of which are crucial areas that receives the most stresses during pregnancy. Combined with the supportive nature of water, one can go into a deeper stretch as compared to on dry land, which further amplifies the benefits that the exercises provides. The therapeutic nature of the water also offers an additional benefit of relaxation, helping to release the body tensions.

This class is suitable for pregnant mothers from 12 weeks into their pregnancy, for both swimmers and non-swimmers.

Benefits include strengthening spinal and abdominal muscles, reduce swelling and aches, expanding breathing capacity, gaining control of pelvic floor muscles and opening up of pelvis to facilitate birth.

Pregnancy Yoga Classes SG

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga is beneficial to both the mind and body, reducing pregnancy discomforts, building strength and flexibility while learning breathing techniques that can help you with your labour.
The breathing and movement techniques allow stress reduction and a flow in the movement creates the space essential for your growing baby.

Other benefits include reduced swelling and inflammation around joints, toning of pelvic floor and better control of your body’s tension for a smoother delivery process.

Held in a small group class, movements can be tailored to your needs, depending on which trimester you are in, your physical condition and comfort.