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Style tips for the new mum journey

Excitement over the impending arrival of the baby often means much of the focus of the pregnancy journey is on the growing life in your belly. It’s a steep learning curve the day you realise you are pregnant. From learning how to eat right for the pregnancy, finding the right obstetrician, planning the ideal birth plan, research on the right pram, the right breast pump to buy etc, one has much on her mind, not to mention the heightened senses with morning sickness, aching back, sore and swollen feet from water retention and ever changing body shape as the weeks progresses and you learn to work with this new body you are endowed with. It’s a wonder that one even has the energy to dress up on some days! Moms are also often concerned about spending money on maternity clothes that will only be useful for a couple of months and would prefer to buy something for the bub. But this pregnancy is as much about you as a mom as it is about the baby. Dressing up to feel good about yourself during pregnancy or postpartum and breastfeeding doesn’t have to be all that stressful! We’ve brought together our favourite tips and tricks for you to stay fashionable during your pregnancy!

Bianca Two-way pleat dress
Photo courtesy of Stillen Maternity

#Accentuate With a Fitted Silhouette
If you’re comfortable in showing off your new curves, we recommend a fitted silhouette. It not only emphasizes your femininity, but it actually makes you look chic and slimmer.

#Add Belt for Waistline
To emphasize a waistline, we suggest adding a belt to create a better proportion. While the waistline sits higher when you’re expecting but by doing so, it helps with creating an illusion of long, slender legs.

Matilda Shirtdress Photo
courtesy of Stillen Maternity

# Dual Function Maternity wear
 Is buying maternity wear necessary and can you try to make do with buying oversized outfits to tide them over this short period of pregnancy? Well you can but they may not work so well post pregnancy as they will most likely be too loose later on. With many new labels on the market coming up with stylish and dual function maternity wear which you can wear both during pregnancy and for breastfeeding later on, it would be definitely bang for your buck to buy some of these outfits which are designed for your comfort and changing body and needs.

# Back to Basics
Build a mini pregnancy closet with basics like Maternity jeans, leggings and a few maternity tanks or t-shirts. They are a must-have during the pregnancy as they are so easy to style with and are comfortable at all stages of the pregnancy. Dress up or down with different types of tops and outerwear and accessories accordingly.

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