Inspire has had the pleasure to serve many valued clients and we are proud that many students are still with us today. We appreciate those who have taken the time to pass along these wonderful comments regarding our classes and services.
“Enjoyed the hands-on session at Baby Massage Workshop!”
“It’s very interactive. I like the lessons and gathered useful tips. It’s a good pre-natal exercise. The instructor is very patient in explaining all the exercises.”
Tan Ling Cher, 6 months
“The Watsu® session was very relaxing, and it enabled my body to feel the ‘weightless’ sensation while being stretched. All the stress and tightness floated away!”
“My 2 daughters enjoy their swimming class a lot and the coach is very patient and friendly. I noticed that my daughters swimming skills improve a lot.”
Justin Mok
“The class is rather comfortable and we are more informed on the poses of yoga that help in our pregnancy. I like the sharing of knowledge and the experience gathered in being a mum.”
Efon Cheong, 7 months
“We like the practical lesson. The knowledge on the process of labour and steps on taking care of the baby is what I liked the most. The instructor helps me to feel comfortable. The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is good!”
Quek Hwee Pheng, 8 months
“The necessary knowledge that we need to know about birthing and we have all the chance to practice during the workshop! The Instructor was assuring and patient! Class was excellent!
Lynette Tay
“I’ve been going for postnatal pilates with Linda and highly recommend the classes! The class has a lot of variety, using different props every session. It has helped tremendously in closing up my diastasis recti gently and effectively.”
Jessica Khong
“The best part of my week. Honestly the perfect infant swimming lessons. So much joy, and great facilities to provide parents and their babies. Will recommend to anyone and everyone.”
Kelly-Ann McHugh
“Linda was very informative and helpful. My wife and I enjoyed the infant massage course tremendously. We are looking to apply what we have learned on our baby in the infant massage.”
“My experience during third trimester of pregnancy has been tremendously helped by aqua pregnancy classes at Inspire! I look forward to each class and leave feeling much better than when I came in. So glad I found them!”
Sarah Zimmerman
“The impact knowledge on breathing and importance of strengthening muscles nearer to my delivery was the best experience/knowledge gained. I enjoyed the interaction of the instructor guidance.The service in Inspire Mum & Baby was good!”
Joanne Low
“The intimacy, privacy and interaction was great! We also love the practical session where we learnt how to take care of our newborn. The educator was very nice and allowed us to voice out our questions throughout the session to ease my worries. The service in Inspire Mum & Baby is good!”
Irma Hadi Surya
“Love the place, the instructors and just the spirit of it all. A place I was always looking forward to visit during my pregnancy. So much learnings and knowledge transfer happening in the studio and I appreciate all the help in prepping my body for both of my pregnancies.”
Marchelina Vacencia
“Loves the Myofascial Release. Felt much better after the session. Shoulder is better, my left leg felt so much more “balance”. Pain at sole of foot reduced alot. I believe it will be gone when I incorporate more core exercises into my routine. Thanks Inspire Mum & Baby.”
Bee Choo
This place has been a consistent since my 5 months of pregnancy. I love the aqua pregnancy classes. It is very soothing and water helps to stretch well. The instructors Linda and Sue are very friendly. Love their quick tips for issues during pregnancy. So glad I came here.
Safia Iqbal
“I can feel my husband’s involvement in this class, and I can see how serious he was in it! We enjoyed the breathing practice, massage, and couple dance. I feel both physically and mentally good as the instructor teaches my husband the right place to massage me! We were very Satisfied, and the instructor uses her experience to answer all our concerns sincerely.”
Kang Kyung Ah
“The Aqua Pregnancy sessions offered by Inspire Mum & Baby are amazing. After each session I felt much lighter and the aches & pains were less. Linda is an incredible trainer, I also booked a few postnatal private Pilates sessions with her, which I loved. Book in early as especially the aqua pregnancy classes are popular:).”
Heike Cushway
I attended my pre-natal classes here at Inspire mum & baby, and the instructors here were excellent and helpful in guiding how to manage and prepare our body for birth. I also did the birthing movement and watsu therapy with Linda which was an experience that I would recommend each mum-to-be to try it out!
Elaine Ee
“My husband and I were unsure and a bit hesitant to go for the birthing movement workshop as we thought it would be a repeat of the antenatal class which we had already completed. We couldn’t be more wrong. The antenatal class is more about theory whereas the birthing movement class is about getting your body physically ready for labour and going through the positions to help your labour. Linda Tan was our doula and she was excellent.”
“I tried the aqua pregnancy group class & also a Watsu® for pregnancy therapy session upon reco from a trusted friend. Really enjoyed the Watsu therapy session — it was more effective for me vs prenatal massages.. it provided much-needed physical relief from usual pregnancy woes, and also emotional relief from subconscious stress i didn’t even know that I’d been carrying.. highly recommend!”
Inspire Mum and baby team helped me to have a relax and enjoyable pregnancy with my baby. They also helped my little girl to grow well with their own professional Swimiming program specialized in the infant and baby swimming. Exceptionally, I feel very thankful to Linda since my pregnancy with her professional and highly qualified skills. I’m so glad to recommend « Inspire mum and baby » for a nice family bonding time between parent and child in Singapore.
Lee MyungAh
“The kids swimming in Inspire Mum & Baby was a great pace and the interweaving of games and play to achieve certain goals (set by the teacher). It also helped that Sophie did not feel like class was mundane or like a drill. The instructor incorporated lots of interaction and interesting ways to get the kids to comply and perform, using language and stories that are appealing and attractive to their young minds. The patience shown by the instructors is astounding. We are usually quite amazed by that alone!”
“My two older children have become confident little swimmers and really love being in the pool after attending Swimming lessons at Inspire Mum & Baby. They can hold their breath underwater and have gained safety skills, such as being able to turn back and get to the edge if they needed to. I am feeling more confident regarding safety, especially with my older children. They still need to work on their swimming technique to be strong independent swimmers, but I know that if they were to fall in the pool right now, they could get themselves to safety and that’s a huge relief!”
Have both my 4 yr old and 2 yr old enrolled here this year. We started in late Jan 2022 and I must say that they both improved so well! They were scared of getting under the water before. They would swim but not wet their faces. Now they are more confident and they try to explore the water more. We love teacher Cai Leng! She is very kind and patient with the kids. There would be days when the kids are not in the good mood or are scared. Teacher would know how to turn their frown upside down and help them calm down. Thank you teacher Cai Leng and to the other teachers too!!
Kathrynne Carrasco
“I did some research online before signing up for my first Watsu® for Pregnancy therapy but I was originally recommended by a friend who is also an Inspire Mum and Baby member to try it out. My first session was very relaxing and I felt my back, neck and leg muscles relax after the session. It was very enjoyable and I signed up for a package right away! The Watsu® sessions is so enjoyable and relaxing it helped open, and correct alignment of my pelvis to facilitate the actual labor. In fact I attribute my short labor to consistent Watsu®therapy.”
Happy mommy
I have been recommending the swimming lessons here to my friends who are interested to send their children for swimming lessons.

My children have been attending the swimming lessons here and they enjoyed it. Linda is very well verse with children’s movement and knows how to encourage them and she is very patient with the children. She doesn’t dive right in to teach the children how to swim first, she teaches water safety first which I feel is important. Highly recommend the classes here!

Wanying Pan
Have been attending prenatal classes for both pregnancies at Inspire mum & baby, and felt that the classes provided mum-to-bes with the option for low impact exercises which were suitable for all stages of pregnancy, which is great if you’d like to maintain a certain level of activeness during pregnancy. The exercises were modified according to the needs of the students in class. The teachers & staff are very friendly and helpful as well!

Baby / toddler swimming classes are fun and engaging, a weekly session my kid looks forward to every weekend. For those who have not been there, do give the trial classes a go!

Fraemon Ng
Thank you for always being there for advices during my pregnancy journey and even during my delivery. The prenatal pilates was indeed a very inspiring and beneficial one for pregnant mummies who always have back and joint problems. Linda is a very good instructor and she never fails to take good care of every one of the mummies during class. She gave very great advices as well. Their Birthing Movement workshop is a very beneficial one as well and my hubby indeed had a very different experience and learnt alot from it as it is different from the usual antenatal classes. Thank you Inspire Mum & Baby! I’m definitely coming back together with my LO for their classes!
Karen Wong
I highly recommend every mommy to consider This school. It has made such a beautiful difference to my kids. My older son has been with this school since 2 months until now (2 years old). Now he just jumps without any fear into water and swim a bit on his own. He has been more active than other kids in general since very young.

My younger daughter is currently 2.5 months and has started swim already for 2 weeks. She also loves it! Such good service, nice environment and friendly staff! Hope every mommy who takes my recommendation enjoy the time there!

Qiu Zhongyao
“Im falling short of words to express my review about this wonderful place because it was a life changing decision to make our little girl be a part of Inspire Mum & Baby fitness journey under the guidance and mentorship of our dearest Linda teacher and team. Our kid had low muscle tone due to few developmental delays since childhood after a lot of physiotherapy we finally decided to put her in swimming. Linda teacher and team put their heart on sleeves when it comes to bringing the best out of every child…. they are very patient and understand that every child has a different learning curve and they make it a fun learning experience while mastering the art of swimming. Our girl is a happy child now and she looks forward for her swimming session every week. Best wishes and loads of love.”
Linda has been an amazing support throughout my pregnancy and birth. I truly enjoyed the Watsu and Aqua pregnancy class. It helped me to let go of any negative emotions and relax my body. The aqua pregnancy class also helped me to bond with my baby and other mothers. My body felt so light and flexible in the warm water. I always felt so happy after every class. I had also hired Linda as my Doula, which was a great blessing. She gave me and my spouse endless support for my 28hours of labour without any drug intervention. She didn’t leave my side and gave me so much love and care. Although I ended up with a belly birthing, I still felt like I had the most positive and amazing birth, especially when my daughter smiled at me during our chest to chest once she was delivered in the OT. Looking forward to bring my baby girl to the swimming class soon 🙂
Fatima Hudson
My experience with Inspire has been great! I was taking postnatal land classes at Inspire, and then switched to prenatal classes when I became pregnant with my second. Even though I was preparing myself mentally and physically for a vaginal delivery but ended up with a C-section, I realised that all the exercises I had done prenatally really helped with my C-section recovery process. Getting out of bed and moving around doing my daily activities was not too difficult as I had stronger arms and legs to support me and everyone was so surprised at how mobile I was. It was much better than after my first pregnancy.

Linda and Jo have always been so encouraging – knowing when to go easy on us or to push us further during the classes, and are able to tweak the exercises to cater to women at different pre or post natal stages present during the class. They are also the only centre I know of that offers Aqua pregnancy classes which were very helpful for body work during the last part of the pregnancy, and I recommend these classes to any mums who are feeling aches and pains or just very “heavy” and tired as the EDD approaches.

Denise Tan