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7 Tips to Getting Your Mind and Body Ready for a Natural Birth

7 Tips to Getting Your Mind and Body Ready for a Natural Birth

Bringing a new life into the world through natural childbirth is an incredibly transformative and empowering experience. At Inspire Mum & Baby, we are dedicated to supporting expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy journey. Our primary mission is to provide you with essential insights, unwavering support, and a range of helpful tools to ensure a positive and fulfilling birthing experience. Let’s delve into our 10 Tips for preparing your mind and body for a positive natural birth!

1. Connect with Birth Coaches

Every superhero needs sidekicks, and for us, that role is fulfilled by our team of birth coaches, also known as doulas! These compassionate and knowledgeable individuals serve as your personal cheerleaders throughout your entire childbirth journey. They provide emotional, mental, and spiritual support, acting as wise guides who offer unwavering encouragement as you navigate the highs and lows of labour.

With their assistance, you’ll feel empowered to conquer the world (or at least bring new life into it). This guidance is also invaluable for your partner, who may feel lost during labour and can benefit from learning how to support you.

2. Enrol in Antenatal/Childbirth Classes

One of the first steps in preparing for a natural birth is educating yourself about labour and the necessary preparations.

Our prenatal classes, led by experienced Doulas, offer valuable insights into labour stages, the remarkable changes happening within your body, coping strategies for birth, and the benefits of choosing natural childbirth.

Our approach goes beyond simply providing information; we equip you with evidence-based knowledge, empowering you to make informed decisions and tap into the incredible power of your body.

3. Attend Prenatal Yoga, Pilates, and Aqua Classes

Finding moments of relaxation and tranquillity during pregnancy can have a significant impact on your birthing experience. Joining our sessions of prenatal yoga in Singapore is like entering a serene oasis where you can tap into your inner zen warrior.

Led by experienced instructors, these classes focus on gentle stretches, calming breathing exercises, and mindfulness techniques that prepare your mind for labour while helping you manage stress and find inner peace during this transformative time.

Meanwhile, prenatal Pilates strengthens essential muscles and provides support for your core muscles, alleviating backaches. On the other hand, aqua classes are beneficial for reducing prenatal physical load, utilising warm water to relieve water retention, creating a comfortable space for your baby, and stretching your body in ways that are more challenging on land. Each class focuses on different needs as your baby grows, ensuring that your body is prepared to support your growing child.

4. Be Prepared! Believe in Yourself, Mothers Have Strong Powers

Attending antenatal workshops is useful for equipping yourself with knowledge and exercises to stay fit. However, it is also essential to be mentally prepared.

Believe in your strength and prepare yourself for the birth. Check your baby’s position, align your pelvis, balance your ligaments, and create space for your baby. If you are unfamiliar with these practices, consider attending our Birthing Movement Session, which can help you with balance and provide a postural analysis.

5. Prepare Your Perineum for Birth through Perineum Massage

Preparing your perineum for labour can be beneficial in reducing the risk of tears during childbirth. The perineum is the area between the vaginal opening and the anus, and it can undergo stretching and pressure during delivery, potentially leading to tears or episiotomies (a surgical cut to enlarge the vaginal opening).

6. Learn and Connect with Others

Consider connecting with other prenatal moms for support. In our prenatal classes, we go beyond learning by fostering connections among participants. We keep classes small to provide prenatal moms with the opportunity to share experiences, gain insights from fellow expectant parents, and form meaningful relationships. This sense of camaraderie can be invaluable throughout your birthing journey, offering a supportive network that extends beyond the class setting.

7. Learn About Pain Management Techniques

We understand that even if you aim for a natural birth, you may still want to be prepared for potential pain relief during labour. Our birth coaches possess extensive knowledge of various natural pain management methods, including hydrotherapy, massage, and position changes. We equip you with a toolkit of pain relief options, empowering you to handle any challenges that may arise during labour.

8. Boost Essential Vitamins and Nutrients

Taking care of your body’s nutritional needs during pregnancy is like giving a loving embrace to both yourself and your growing baby. Let’s delve into some key nutrients, such as iron, magnesium, and calcium, that play starring roles in supporting various physiological functions.

  • Iron

Think of iron as your body’s oxygen. It creates haemoglobin, the substance in your red blood cells that carries life-giving oxygen. During pregnancy, as your body ramps up its blood volume to nurture your little one, the demand for iron also increases. Running low on iron can lead to anaemia, which can bring along symptoms like fatigue, weakness, and restless nights.

  • Magnesium

Picture magnesium as your body’s backstage magician, involved in countless biochemical processes. It helps muscles and nerves perform their graceful dance, supports your bones in staying strong, and even contributes to keeping your energy levels up.

While you’re nurturing your baby, your magnesium needs also get a boost. A deficiency could lead to pesky muscle cramps, sleepless nights, and an overall sense of weariness.

  • Calcium

Calcium takes on a starring role in building your baby’s bones and teeth. But here’s the twist: it’s not just about the baby. Your own bone health deserves some spotlight too. Ensuring you get enough calcium supports both you and your baby’s journey. Skipping out on calcium could result in unwanted leg cramps and other bone-related issues.

Alongside these nutrients, other vitamins and minerals like folic acid, vitamin D, vitamin B12, and omega-3 fatty acids step onto the stage. They’re all essential players in nurturing a healthy pregnancy and ensuring your baby’s growth and development hit all the right notes.

9. Attend Myofascial Release for Pregnancy (Massage)

While prenatal massage is commonly known for relaxation and pain relief, myofascial release offers equally valuable benefits. This specialised technique targets the fascia, a connective tissue enveloping muscles, bones, and organs. Myofascial release sessions during pregnancy can:

  • Align the Body

Myofascial therapy can realign your body by releasing tension and restrictions in the fascia. This can bring sweet relief to those common trouble spots like your back, hips, and pelvis that often act up during pregnancy.

  • Pain Relief

Gentle and focused pressure from myofascial release works wonders in melting away muscle tension and soothing pain from pregnancy-related issues like sciatica, round ligament pain, and lower back discomfort.

  • Improved Circulation

Picture myofascial release as a massage for your circulation system. It eases tension in the fascia, which in turn improves blood and lymphatic flow. This dynamic duo is your go-to for reducing swelling (oedema) and keeping you in the pink of health throughout your pregnancy.

  • Enhanced Mobility

Because of the changes in their bodies, pregnant women may feel a decrease in mobility. Myofascial release can help enhance range of motion, making it easier to move around and carry out daily activities.

  • Emotional Release

Physical tension and emotional stress often go hand in hand. That’s why myofascial therapy’s magic isn’t just physical—it’s emotional too. As you let go of physical tension, you might find a release of emotional weight, helping you manage stress and anxiety during this transformative time.

The key to making the most of myofascial release is to find a qualified therapist who knows the ropes specifically for pregnancy. Their expertise in this technique tailored to expectant moms can bring you comfort, better alignment, improved mobility, and a more serene pregnancy journey.

10. Select a Doctor That Resonates With You

Choosing a doctor or OB who aligns with your beliefs and supports your desired birth journey is paramount during pregnancy. The relationship between an expectant mother and her healthcare provider significantly shapes the overall birth experience. Here are some reasons why this alignment is crucial:

  • Shared Decision Making

When you and your doctor share similar beliefs and values regarding childbirth, you are more likely to engage in shared decision-making. This means you can discuss various birth options, interventions, and preferences collaboratively, making informed choices that align with your birth plan and desires.

  • Emotional Support

Your doctor isn’t just there for the medical stuff; they’re your emotional anchor too. Having a healthcare provider who gets your birth preferences can mean a world of difference.

Their understanding and respect can be a powerful source of emotional support throughout your pregnancy and labour, boosting your confidence and making you feel in control during the big day.

  • Advocacy for Your Birth Plan

A doctor who supports your desired birth journey is more likely to advocate for your birth plan and help ensure that your preferences are respected and followed as much as possible during labour and delivery.

  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Trust in your healthcare provider can work wonders in easing birthing-related stress and anxiety. When you’re comfortable with their approach and expertise, it naturally reduces the jitters. Feeling at ease with your doctor translates to an improved sense of well-being throughout your pregnancy.

  • Respect for Your Birth Choices

Every woman’s birthing preferences are unique, and a doctor who respects your choices can create a positive and empowering birthing environment. This includes respecting choices such as natural birth, water birth, pain management techniques, and more.

  • Better Communication

When you have open and honest communication with your doctor, you can discuss any concerns, fears, or questions you may have, leading to a more transparent and trusting relationship.


The journey towards a natural birth is an extraordinary one. At Inspire Mum & Baby, we are here to be your trusted sidekicks, cheerleaders, and champions of knowledge. Your baby’s journey is as unique as you are, and with our all-encompassing prenatal services, you’ll be equipped with the tools you need to embrace the incredible beauty and strength of natural birth.

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