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Benefits of Private 1-on-1 Swim Classes

The choice between a private or group swim class might be an easy one for some families. Families that choose group classes may do so for the peer socialisation opportunities, and sometimes, for the lower cost per class. Families that choose private 1-1 classes may be seeking faster results and convenience of place and time. In this article we will share with you more about the benefits of private 1-1 swim classes. Though they may cost more, they may be a better fit for some children and families.

More individualised attention for the child

In a group class, attention is shared across the children in the class. Whether the children are taking turns in an activity or needing to wait for each other due to safety concerns, the amount of time a child receives guidance, practice and feedback is lessened. With more individualised attention for a child, they may improve and achieve their learning outcomes sooner. For families that want earlier results, private 1-1 swim classes may be the way to go.

More customisation to meet child’s needs

Each child receives information and learns in different ways, eg. some are more visual learners and others need the kinesthetic experience to begin learning. They also experience the water and the learning environment diversely – one child may enjoy the water while being hesitant about submerging, and another may prefer to stay on the sides while being comfortable submerging fully. In addition, we have observed some children become worried about activities they used to be comfortable with, due to the achievement of certain developmental milestones. In a private 1-1 swim class, the class can be fully customised for your child’s learning.

More controlled environment

A private 1-1 class has less variable factors, making it more comfortable for children who learn better in a more calm and predictable environment. This might be a useful stepping stone to get the children more ready for group classes. The controlled environment is especially helpful for children who require more supervision for safety – the teacher will be able to pay close watch and guide the child in learning safe behaviour, all while not needing to worry about the safety of other children.

More effective for specialised lessons

Private 1-1 swim class is more effective when our teachers need to deliver specialised lessons, such as for children with special needs, or children who have intense water phobia. The specialised lessons may involve teaching aides and activities that have very specific benefits for the children – for example, the lesson may begin out of the water first, and may only move into the water after a few sessions. It is possible that after a period of specialised lessons in a private 1-1- swim class setting, the students acquire the experience and understanding to move on to a group class setting.

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