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Get Your Kids Ready for Swimming

Swimming isn’t just jumping into the pool and you have an avid swimmer instantly. It’s all about preparing your little one to be comfortable in the water. Here’s our quick tips on what to do before your little flippers take flight in the water.


Help your child get used to being in the water. Blowing bubbles, kicking legs and even encouraging your little one to dip their face in the water are all techniques that will help improve their confidence in the water. Sing songs that they know and play games with floating toys which will help to put them at ease and make the idea of being in water fun.


Let them wear their swimming tanks when it’s time for water splashing in the bath tub. By doing this, you can let them get used to being in a wet costume. It will become a great way to make them feel comfortable when the day finally comes to swim.


Go for a family fun session down at the pool. Allow them to dangle their feet and feel familiar with the new environment before putting them straight into the water.


Keep conversations on how fun swimming is, slowly build self-confidence and support for your child rather than forcing them into it. Kids love to mimic, with examples of many family sessions at the pool, will make your child want to do the same.


Make sure your child has something to eat before any swimming, avoid huge meals, a light snack to maintain their energy such as bananas, or nuts.

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